Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Number 352

 I've been hard at work in my studio, (at least that is what I tell my husband when he comes home from work!) there is nothing hard about doing what you love. I was saying I have created a few pieces and I wanted to share them with you, they have evolved out of the treasure pile I shared with you yesterday.

 Number 352 on Etsy
This great watch face, which by the way is 44mm, was given to me my one of the vendors The Cheeky Mare at the Big Red Barn in Round Top Texas. I was perusing in a wooden bowl filled with watch faces and chose a few to purchase as well as some old tags. He told me folks were buying the watch faces to make jewelry from, I told him  I was going to do that as well, so he actually gave them to me and asked me to send him pictures of the finished product. How nice was that! I just finished sending him pictures and I hope he likes the finished piece.
Master Lock dangle earrings on Etsy

Industrial Chic Earrings on Etsy

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  1. You do such amazing things with your "treasures".

  2. I love art made out of found objects... wonderful pieces! The Cheeky Mare huh? I love that name;)

  3. Pretty! You have been busy in your studio! :D

  4. Oh my gosh Girl!!! You always come up with some amazing stuff!!and yes I agree with you 100%'s never hard doing what you love..Bravo Judy!!Hugs,Cat

  5. Your pieces are wonderful! The masterlock earrings are super cool! I'm sure the gentleman will love your creations!

  6. Your found treasures are now heirloom jewelry treasures. How very sweet of the shopkeeper to give you watchfaces. He will certainly appreciate your lovely transformations. Blissful Beading...