Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Change is in the Air

 The weather in middle Tennessee has been glorious...warm sunny days with cool nights. These are my kind of days and you surely appreciate them after 3 months of constant heat and high humidity. It also makes me want to cook...I would rather be making jewelry than cooking, but I like to eat too. I have a  pumpkin bread in the oven and will be making sweet potato salad (using my ginormous sweet potatos from my garden). You make a regular potato salad but add a few sweets to it, yummy!
I have finally realized after 5 years of living in the South that you can not keep flowering annuals for long. I have gone the portulaca route and love them! Constant color and I do not have to worry about watering them. Here we are in October and they are still so beautiful!
Knock-Out Roses are another great plant for the south, they bloom constantly from early spring until frost. I love color and what better way to enjoy it in your landscape.
The field in our backyard is changing, autumn in Tennessee has mild colors compared to what I am use to in Massachusetts, but it still is so pretty. The air is crisp and has that beautiful scent you only get in the fall.
Sam has to come and see what I am doing and he loves gazing out at the field just hoping to see something to run after. I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Is this weather not wonderful! I don't think I have heard of portulaca before - pretty.

  2. The weather here has been wonderful too. Today we got a bit of rain, but are way behind in that area.

    Love your flowers! I have given up on my garden almost at the beginning of the season because of the intense heat.

    Enjoy your week!