Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bracelets 3 ways

If you follow my blog then you know I create jewelry in several different styles, although when displayed together they are a cohesive group.

Here we have Through the Keyhole. A rustic cuff style bracelet. I have been experimenting with some leather and found  layering it suited me best. A weathered copper base, leather and an old brass keyhole with natural verdi patina. I hope to offer this style in my wholesale line, I am still working on the design and this is the first. What do you think? Honestly...
Here you have Green Lagoon which is in the August issue of Bead Trends. For this piece it is all about the color...the Chrysoprase is just stunning and pairs so nicely with the smooth rich color of the Amethyst.

and lastly...Vintage Rhinestone Sparkle. An assemblage of vintage findings featuring a very sparkly rhinestone earring re-purposed as the focal in this bracelet.

Do you have a favorite? Perhaps vintage is not your thing...what is your favorite style?


  1. Love them all. I wish I could get the hang of rivets because I love the layered leather look!

  2. All 3 are so pretty, but I keep going back to the one made from a vintage rhinestone earring. Love your creations. I wish much success in your business.
    Have a great week.

  3. My favorite for me to wear of the three is the middle one. I really like the layered look of the leather, just wondering how much of your arm it covers. Wanna model it? The vintage rhinestone just isn't my personal style, but it is a pretty look. :)

  4. Wow, I have some leather and copper that i was going to use with watch faces and filigree. i really like this look!!

  5. Ms Judy, I think that leather and metal cuff is fantastic! Yep, definitely a keeper design.

  6. Super pictures and jewelry Miss Judy! I have an eclectic style. Sometimes it is modern or sometimes vintage. I like to mix things up. I love all of these for different reasons. But I think that the first one is speaking to me most. I love the keyhole, obviously, but also the layering and textures.
    Enjoy the day!