Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ain't no sunshine....

I guess I am in the stamping mood so here is a little "LOVE" for y'all.

It is very cool and rainy here and has been for several weeks. Usually I love the soothing sound of the rain, but I have to say it is getting a little irritating! I need some sunshine!!!
I was up early to go to an estate sale and boy was I lucky I went early before everything was picked over, I was able to fill my SUV with lots of good finds. The antique shop where I have two booths is having a big appreciation sale next weekend and this will give me a chance to restock with some new items.
Hope someone is having a nice sun shinny day!


  1. I can tell you that there ain't no sunshine here! You must post a picture of your booth...I love estate sales& especially antique shopping!

  2. You are on a roll, here. Another good one Judith! We've been a little cool and cloudy here too. But we've got some of that W TX sun back now. Want me to send you some? How about a sunny smile coming your way?

  3. Love the "rough" feel of this one.
    Sorry - can't send any sun, we have snow. Would you like some - I would be more than happy to "share" - LOL!

  4. Yeah, blah. Rain sux. It won't stop here and the sky has turned a dull gray. We were supposed to get some snow today but luckily I haven't seen any yet. Ugh.