Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rum Punches & Pina Coladas

Reality, hello it's me Judy I am back....oh poo! What a wonderful trip I had with my girls, it was the most relaxing vacation I probably have ever had.

Lets see, this is how it up around 9am and lathered sun screen all over and put on my bathing suit, we then decided where on the resort we wanted to have breakfast , mostly it was an open air restaurant with white tablecloth's. After breakfast it was a mere few steps to the white powder beach where we would "rest" under the straw cabana's.

fter a swim in the beautiful crystal clear warm water it was time for a cocktail, a rum punch or pina colada perhaps. We enjoyed the kayaks , learned how to sail the little Hobies, snorkeled and loved the boat rides up and down the beach.

Lunch was in one of 16 restaurants in the Beaches Resort and then it was off to swim and "rest" again reading one of the many books I brought. The sun was HOT and we were thankful for the spacious cabanas and cushioned chaises. Our dinner choices were many, Italian,Mexican,French,Japanese and many more. The service every you went was outstanding, it was as if your needs were already anticipated.

...and the chocolate martinis were to die for!

t was a fabulous vacation with the girls, lots of laughs. I miss them already as they went back to Massachusetts and I to Tennessee. I would highly recommend the Beaches Resort in Providenciales in Turks & Caicos and I hope to return someday with my family.

Today I will get busy I have a show on Saturday and have lots to get ready. My fingers had a nice respite from wire wrapping and polishing and now are itching to get in my studio to create an island piece.


  1. Oh, Judy, your pictures look so wonderfully calming and warm. What a sweet vacation with your buddies. Too bad reality had to come and mess things up. But your blogger friends are grateful to have you back.

  2. Welcome back! Can't wait to see what kind of island piece you create. Chocolate martinis - I can't make up my mind whether that sounds intriguing or not...

  3. Did I ever enjoy these pictures today! Cold and rainy here, but I could just smell the ocean and feel that warm sun. What a great time it looked like you had...that hobbie cat looked like a blast but I think I'd settle for the chocolate martini!

  4. Chocolate martini's !!!! Oh I cannot tell you how jealous I ma BUTTTT!! next week I go to disney land with my great niece , great nephew and Gramy!!! Gald you had a wonderful time!!

  5. I'm ashamed to say, I have no idea what a chocolate martini is. But I'm still really jealous and now even more so. Because not only does this look like the best time ever, but all of you know what a chocolate martini is and I don't!

  6. Jealous - looks fabulous! I love going away with my Girlfriends.