Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Big Red Barn

By the big red barn
In the great green field,
There was a pink pig
Who was learning to squeal.

There were horses and sheep and goats and geese--and a jaunty old scarecrow leaning on his hoe. And they all lived together by the big red barn. By Margaret Wise Brown

We had a beautiful Fall day in middle Tennessee, the sky was a gorgeous blue and the foliage just glowed. I could not resist stopping to photograph this was just calling me. The cows were curious and had to look at the crazy lady taking pictures with her I-phone and then they just ran off. Hope you had a great day too!


  1. I have always loved barns....they are eternal to me, so strong , and shelter. They are timeless. Thank you for your visits Judy and sharing this picture...just beautiful!!

  2. I have a thing about our pieces of Americana ... this barn is gorgeous. I love to just drive up & down the roads taking pics of them. The poem is perfect.
    Have a lovely week. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. beautiful... this time of year seems ephemeral... and i too share that love of barns... they seem to hark to a simpler way of life, a simpler time... although the physical labor involved in running a farm is daunting! thanks for the pics...

  4. I love the old barns. This one looks really old. I'm glad to see it's taken care of, they are disappearing.

  5. I do so miss the mountains and the beautiful foliage during the fall. Couple that with a gorgeous red barn..can't get any better than that! I can't believe you got these pictures with you clear! Where have I been???

  6. Man, you make me want to come and visit Nashville. Oh, how I miss it. Lovely pictures!

  7. Hello
    Thank you for stopping in and saying hello, it is so nice to meet you.
    Love your post on the red barn...One of the things I so enjoyed on my trip to CO was the NE corn fields with all the farms dotting the land. Nothing like harvest time in the midwest.
    Blessings to you