Friday, October 16, 2009

Should I stay or should I go now?

Wednesday afternoon

Ring, ring...."Hello"

"Hey Mom, I was wondering if you could pick me up from school on Thursday after 2'oclock"

"Why there a problem"

"No, we don't have school on Friday and everyone is going home and there will be nothing to do"

"Sure, no problem"

Thursday morning

Ring, ring..."Hello"
"Hey Mom, I am going to stay here at school instead, ok?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, yeah, I am".

Friday afternoon

Ring, ring..."Hello"
"Hey Mom, can you come pick me up?"

Such lively conversation, wouldn't you say? When the DH comes home we will head out to the city and pick up the darling boy. Originally we had dinner and a movie planned so instead we will have dinner with Nick in the city....not a bad compromise. Think he will bring his laundry?


  1. Yep, definitely, he'll bring laundry. It's a rule. I know for me it is precious moments when my grown up children have a chance to come home. Have a lovely time with your son.

  2. No doubt he'll have laundry. A bit indecisive isn't he? That's ok, I'm sure you are tickled pink to spend the time with him. Hope you enjoy it my friend.