Saturday, October 31, 2009

Eat, drink and be scary!

Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen,
Voices whisper in the trees, "Tonight is Halloween!"
~Dexter Kozen

As spirits roam the neighborhoods at night,
Let loose upon the Earth till it be light...
~Nicholas Gordon

I'll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween. ~Author Unknown

Just like a ghost, you've been a-hauntin' my dreams, so I'll propose on Halloween. Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you. -Classics IV

...and lastly this photo is of my son Nick and some of his friends. I guess the fun of Halloween keeps going and going. He is the pirate on the left. I think they are having too much fun!

Have a scary and spooky day!


  1. Wonderful post..whaaahhahaha.. you son and his friends are wonderful1!! Happy Halloween to you! Sarah

  2. Have a BOO-tea-FuLl Halloween. TTFN ~Marydon

    ** Watch for huge giveaways that start tomorrow for several weeks.

  3. love the qoutes !!!! We did not have any tricker treaters!!! boo hooo I guess all those resses beanut butter cups will havew to be for me!!!

  4. Those quotes are amazing!! I'm going to have to write them down somewhere =]
    I hope you and your family had a safe and fun Halloween!!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween! Love the pictures, your son looks great!