Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Here it is Sunday already and I forgot to share my flea market finds with you. I went to the Nashville Flea Market on Friday and it was promised to be a little cooler but it did not turn out that way and it seems the heat and humidity still remains with us, how I long for cooler weather! Here are some of my finds...

 Check out that cute little giraffe...not sure what I will do with it but it was irresistible! I love old bus and trolley tokens, they make great bracelets!

The printed mother of pearl beads were calling me, I just loved the mod look to them. 

...and the finished product. I love the colors!

 Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!
As always thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. I've never seen printed mother of pearl-how cool. But I really love what you did with it, the bracelet is great, I love all the beads! And I'll bet you made the etched bead caps-nice!

  2. Really sweet finds Judy! I love that mod design too. My daughter laughs at me whenever she hears me say the word "mod".
    Thanks so much for your uplifting words and means the world to me.

  3. love this - and your finds! the bracelet came together wonderfully and i love those printed beads... have fun!

  4. Goodies!! I like the way you incorporated the mod bead into your bracelet!

  5. Gorgeous finds and the bracelet is stunning!

  6. What great finds! Love the bracelet! The colors go so well together.

  7. Judy every time you post about the Nashville flea market I want to do a road trip and tag along with you. My girlfriends daughter goes to school there so maybe we will need to go visit her soon!