Monday, August 23, 2010

A little confession

Some days you just feel like you are going to accomplish so much, you look at the clock and the big hand is running circles around the dial, it is moving way too fast, what happened to all the things that you were suppose to get done? That was one of these days.......
however I did manage to make these earrings. They are super lightweight, something I like, no one wants their earlobe hitting their shoulder.

You can find these here 

...and these here

I have something I must confess...ok here it goes, I HATE to make ear wires, there I have said it and I feel much better. I am not sure why, they are not hard...its just one of those things I do not care to do. What little thing do you dislike doing? In your work or daily life... Spill it...I know there is something, make me feel better.


  1. i hate making ear wires!! so serious! i dread it - what i need to do is just suffer for a little while and make a bunch of them... :0)

  2. Yes, the big hand was running double time for me today. It seems like just minutes after I got up and running it was already time for supper, and I had nothing made.

    I dislike taking photos of my creations. No matter what I do I can never get them to my liking. I guess I need to take a class. Following a close second is tagging my pieces to get ready for shows. Boring.

  3. I think it's because we go through them so fast! I mean, we're using two for each project. You just can't make them fast enough! The earrings are great!

  4. what a vintage look!! so so cutes!!

  5. We must share the same model clock.