Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh Beautiful Swan

Another hot hot day, but only 100 today. This weather is getting tiring, everything has dried up due to the lack of rain. We choose to stay inside and stay cool. Tonight a nice buttered bowl of popcorn and  season 1 disc 4 Dvd of Dexter. We are hooked on this sweetheart of a  serial killer, who would think that this would make for good entertainment.

 “But calm, white calm, was born into a swan”

 Elizabeth Coatsworth 
I just finished this etched piece. I am liking the connector on this, as it hangs nice and even. Sometimes you need an engineering degree just to figure out how to make things hang properly without twisting, turning and hanging uneven.

Beautiful Swan can be found at


  1. Ah, Judy that is a beautiful piece and your 'hanger' is just lovely. I so sympathize with the needing engineering to get things to hang properly. I don't know just how many pieces of wire I've scrapped because things just weren't right.

    Stay cool. Dog days of summer? I'm hanging out for autumn.

  2. Very pretty and I love the bail. It was only 99 here today...I am so sick of this heat. The only good thing about it is I don't have to cut grass because it's dead.

  3. This piece is just wonderful, Judy. Love the bail.
    Well, guess I know now where our summer heat is hanging out. Our temps keep hanging around 69°F.

  4. this is so pretty. at first i thought it was a ceramic pendant, just lovely

  5. The swan pendant is lovely! The satin look of it is amazing. I'd like to learn to etch metal.

  6. I love this design...stunning! Cheers!