Monday, March 7, 2011

Live in the Moment

You can find this piece in my Etsy shop. 

I tend to use mostly brass and copper wire in my designs and they both give my poor carpal tunnel riddled hands a run for my money but  since the price of sterling has gone through the roof, that is all I want to use. Is that crazy or what?
 I can't say what I sell the most of, no one has ever asked just for sterling, brass or copper. I think my customers just go for the overall design. How about you?
 What do you like using the most? Do your customers have a preference?
Just a reminder:
To all my very wonderful readers and new bead soup friends I would like to offer you a chance to win the March issue of Bead Trends magazine. All you have to do is stop by my facebook page,say hi and become a friend. I will pick a random winner on Tuesday morning.
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  1. I can't believe what silver went up to today and I need to buy. Love the bracelet; that color is gorgeous. I just bought some beads and a cabochon that color - I sure hope they match.

    As for my customers, most seem to prefer silver although I have added accents of brass & copper. Personally, I love mixing metals in my designs.

  2. Hi Judy! I just "Liked" you on FB and can't wait to see your new designs in the future! I just found you via Jenn Judd's blog! Love this bracelet... it's so soft and serene. Beautiful!

    Have a terrific evening!

  3. I meant to say I think those beads look wonderful with the sterling, so beachy!

  4. I actually prefer a mix, or all antiqued copper & brass. Most people I know like the's become so crazy expensive though!

    And the blue beads you used are gorgeous!!


  5. A gorgeous bracelet, and those beads are a lovely color.

    I mainly use sterling and Vintaj brass, but with silver going sky high I will be doing more with brass and copper.

  6. It's just gorgeous and I'm in love with the "beach glass". I don't have customers, but I have gravitated more toward brass lately just because of the cost. Amazing bracelet!

  7. Hi, I am still limping through the long blog list. I favorited your Etsy shop- very nice items there. Your bead soup reminds me of strollin the beach looking for beach glass. Nice soup!!

  8. I love your jewelry! I am having a blog giveaway

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