Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Naked Lady

Ha! Made you look!
Isn't this amaryllis just beautiful? Did you know it is also know as Belladonna lily or naked lady? So far there has been 8 huge blooms and two more are on there way to open. How does one small stem have so much beauty?

I have been busy working with some of the brass stampings I got at the flea market. Since I am not home and do not have my good camera I am relying on my I-phone. So these pics will have to do.
The brass stampings are loaded with lots of natural patina, a little buffing from some fine steel wool brings out some of the highlights so nicely.

I forgot to share these crosses with you the other day, they are from the same vendor at the flea market. Great detail and I think they are made from some type of pot metal as they have a softness to them.

Here is another piece I am working on, it is rather simple in design. All the glory lies in the connectors. Czech glass beads with simple loops. Still trying to figure out a good clasp. Any suggestions?


  1. The amaryllis is so pretty, I've never seen that color before.

  2. That is lovely. I like how the tips are blushed with color.
    Once again great flea market finds.

  3. Wonderful bloom! But your flea market finds are fabulous! Too bad we don't go to the flea market together - we would be diving into the same boxes...