Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A touch of Spring

I have had pansies on my mind for weeks now, finally I was able to find some to purchase. I just needed to see their smiling faces to know that spring is here, after all it is March and we are in Tennessee so it is safe to say spring has sprung! I know lots of you are still buried under snow and ice just know that I will be enjoying this nice sunny spring weather for you!

This past Friday I went to see my bead lady Mary at the Nashville Flea Market. 
Did I need beads? NO

Did I want beads? YES 

So beads are what I got! 
sweet tiny amethyst roundels, peridot briolettes, moon stone, Tibetan beads and some fancy CZ drops and some more stuff I do not need
When I saw the peridot I already knew what I wanted to make.

You can find these on


  1. Those earrings are so much fun! I love them :)

  2. Gasp! First you post favorite flower of all. They were my favorite herald of longer days and warmer nights even before I became a Tri Delta and they were the sorority flower. But those earrings... egads! Those took my breath away! I love them! And peridot is my birthstone. It took me dozens of years before I felt that this stone was pretty. Now I seek them out. Lovely all around. Are you sure you weren't writing this post just to bring me joy today? ;-)

    Enjoy the day!

  3. I have a soft spot for peridot. Those earings are gorgeous and just the right new sprout green to make me smile.

  4. Lovely purchase and the peridot is making me drool!
    Aaaa, since when do we need a reason to buy beads? hehe!
    Thanks for the shot of sure looks good!

  5. YUM!!! I LOVE peridot and I really love these earrings!~

  6. Hi Judy,those pansy's pretty, those earrings abso wonderful,as well i say can never have too many beads!!

  7. Pansies are always wonderful - I just love those colourful little faces. Drooling over your bead loot - of course we NEED beads - for inspiration! The earrings are fabulous!!

  8. The pansies are so nice to gaze upon!
    What is that cool purple and green leafy thing in the second photo?

    Gorgeous earrings!

  9. I love pansies...there is just something about them that make me smile. As for the new earrings, they really made me them.