Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laptop or I-phone

Laptop....please! Since I am on this extended stay in Connecticut taking care of my MIL, my dh left me one of his  laptops to use. For whatever reason it stopped working on Monday, I could not figure it out nor could he help me over the phone, so I had to wait until he returned to Ct. to fix it. I knew it was probably something stupid and it was (don't ask)...anyway I am back in the cyber world and looking forward to catching up on some blogs and shopping on Etsy. Although I can do a lot on my I-phone it is just harder to read blogs and shop.

I brought a work sack with me and have been keeping busy making some jewlery. I am doing mostly wire wrapping and more time consuming pieces, all in the comfort of my lap. Soon I will have some interesting pieces to share with you.

I am missing the Tenn. weather, it has been 80 degrees back home and around 35-40 here.


  1. Glad the lap top is working! I'm lost withou mine, now.

    I love how I can do wire wrapping in my lap and it's so portable!

  2. Hi Judy! Glad your tech challenges are working out. But isn't it nice just to have time to sit with work in your lap?

  3. Judy, I feel for you and your computer troubles. I'm the same with mine - my husand has to come to the rescue!
    Thinking of you up in CT and praying for your MIL. I just know she must depend on you like a guardian angel.

  4. Can't wait to see what you have been creating... take care!