Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One of Etsys talented people

This is the first of many Etsy artisans that I hope to highlight in my blog. There are so many super talented people trying to stand out in this mass of creativity.

Meet Autumn from Stitch and Sparrow....

She creates hand carved block prints.The cards she has in her shop are numbered original handmade prints in a limited edition series, no two are exactly alike (like snowflakes and dog noses). You can order cards in sets of 4 for $18.95 and are suitable for framing too. She also does custom invitations, announcements and more.

Autumn is from New York City and is the girl
covered in ink, holding a wood block while
standing ankle-deep in shavings and tiny paper
clippings. You can find Autumn at

Fluttering Love Card

Fluttering Love Card
Little birds find each other on green recycled stock. Words are typed, cut and set on top. The envelope is chocolate brown. Card reads "and love the most illusive found fluttering beneath a new moon." Each print varies as I hand make and number each card. Each card is part of a limited edition series. Dimensions: 5"x7

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