Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What is a Collectible?

Basically, a collectible is an item with value that someone takes the time to collect.

Collectibles are the things your parents, you and your children have played with and lived with.

The word collectible means something different to everyone who ponders the question. Ask a non-collector what a collectible is and they will probably mention little figurines like star wars or batman. Sometimes the non-collector will mention stamps, coins or even rocks and sea shells. It's always a particular thing.

Ask a collector and you'll get an in-depth answer on the feelings that are evoked, perhaps the investment made or the quest to find their stuff. Although collectors always hope their collections will increase in value, that's not why they started their collection.

At a recently gathering of authors and experts on antiques and collectibles A question was asked "What is your definition of a collectible?"

The answers:

A piece of a person's personal history that holds a special place in their heart.
Dean Jutilla, eBay

Something you can't get enough of. You get one, you gotta have more.
Brent Feigner, Playthings

A collectible is something made between 1963 - 1980.
Harry Rinker, Rinker Enterprises

You own more than two of something that you have no use for.
Denise, Doll Collecting on About

Something that brings you happiness.
Susan Peterson, Peterson Consulting

Part of a group of something that I want to own.
Peggy Kinstler, Informart

A collectible is anything that is non-essential that someone wants more than one of.
Lawrence (eBay)

Something that has an emotional connection to you personally.

Linda Kruger, Collector's News

Collectibles are things you collect.
Jim Tucker, Antiques & Collectibles National Association

Something I must have to add to other like objects.
Barbara Crews

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane...sometimes it's sad to think back about things we once owned that may have been given away or broken. Maybe you cleaned out the basement and sold somethings at a garage sale, however it's better to be happy about the value of the things that were saved. You can always buy back those childhood items that evoke pleasant memories. As you do, you will find that the real value of objects is not monetary, but the joy that comes from collecting, owning and more important living with them once again.

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