Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunday drives...

Kitty at Emmas Gems (www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=80447 - 61k) has taken me down a nostalgic road to the Sunday drives we would take growing up. Thanks Kitty for this trip.

Almost every Sunday all seven of us would packed into my Dads red Ford along with a cooler of sandwiches and snacks. With 5 kids we never stopped to eat out it was always whatever we packed that morning. Me being the middle child and the one that always got car sick got to sit next to the window. My older sister usually got the other window, the youngest in the front and the others in the middle of us girls. Mind you there were no car seats, nor did we use seat belts (gasp!) My parents did smoke occasionally, so there the reason for the car sickness and being in the back seat. To this day I still get car sick and have trouble sitting in the back seat.

Now this was the late 60's and everyone went "visiting" and boy did we ever. We went to towns we did not know existed, like Florida, Massachusetts. Wow, when we saw that sign we really thought we were in Florida, but did not know why there would be snow. We would go visit "Uncle Phil" in Goshen, Ma., relatives in New Hampshire and Vermont, Uncle Jr. on Ashford Lake in Ct and even people we did not know and on and on. These were always one day Sunday drives from Connecticut.
Along the way we would sing songs, count license plates of different states, ohh and ahhh at the Christmas lights and of course fool around. There would be the occasional fight in the back seat where my Dad would yell "If I have to turn around, someone is in trouble!". It was usually my brother Timmy that was the instigator( still is).

We always got home when it was dark and bedtime, my Dad had the job of carrying at least 2-3 or us in the house, I sometimes pretended to be asleep so I could have that luxury of being carried into the house. These are good memories and thanks again to Kitty for letting me find them again. You can check Kitty's story and blog at:


  1. Great job Judy! I remember the same Sunday drives when I was young but ours were very "local"! Like taking the scenic route to my Grandparents house for dinner almost every Sunday. Ahh...the good old days!