Monday, February 16, 2009

Auction Saturday 10:30am

Went downtown into Nashville on Saturday to an antiques auction, I know on Valentines day...with a girlfriend non the less. My darling husband wanted to spend some time with his second love, his golf clubs and I with my love of antiques, so it was a win win situation. I had not been to an auction since September so I was ready. My booths at Bright's Antique World were in need of some fresh merchandise. I did a preview on Auction zip to get an idea what will be offered and then when I get to the auction check everything out pretty good. I sometimes have a bad habit of buying things I don't need just because the price was good, I mean what woman can resist a bargin? However, I did sit on my hands a few times and resisted the temptation, I was watching my dollars carefully! I came away with some good items, a six piece early (late 1890's) stoneware storage jar set, 2 paintings, a blown glass cylinder ( for me!) some blue willow and three tin litho spice tins with little porcelain knobs (real sweet!). Until next time...

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