Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tornados in Tennessee

Oh, here we go...Having some rough weather here in Middle Tennessee today and are under a tornado warning. Our weather radio has already went off to warm me of severe thunderstorms. The wind has been gusting at 50 mph and higher. There have been some spin ups and rotations east of Nashville and its fast moving at 60 mph. Hopefully it won't make up here in White House.

Last year we made a "big" purchase of a Storm shelter, it is a 6 X 4 steel structure that is attached to our garage floor. Supposedly it is good up to a F-5 tornado
I went out to the garage to move the truck as it was blocking the door to the shelter.
Being from Massachusetts all this turbulent weather is new to us. I can handle a 2ft. snow storm but rotating winds, not so much.

Looks like the sun is making its way out, hopefully all will be well.


  1. Hope everything turned out okay. I've been through a tornado or 2 in TX, am originally from New England, too, and am back there now. Love your blog, your slideshow, and your Etsy shop!!

  2. Keeping you in my thoughts! I grew up in Michigan and California and I tell you I prefer earthquakes. They come and then go. The stress of a tornado is too much!