Sunday, August 30, 2009

ArtFire here I come!

Roughly 5 months ago I signed up and became a member of Artfire. At the time the promise of a lifetime fee of $7.00/month( this was a special promotion fee, no longer available) sounded very good with no other fees, so what the heck I will give it a go. Here we are at the end of August and I finally got around to listing a few items in my new Artfire shop. It is a work in progress as I learn my way around this community. What prompted me to get the lead out and work on it was the addition of the new Artfire Kiosk that goes on your Facebook page. I just love the fact that you can purchase directly from this Kiosk without leaving facebook and that you do not need to have an Artfire account to do so, that is one Fabulous application!!

Here is one of my new Artfire listings....

Treasured Memories Couture Locket Necklace


  1. Judy,
    Good luck with the ArtFire shop! Please let us know how it goes. The ability to purchase from Facebook is really cool and extremely helpful. The holidays are coming so stock that shop up.

  2. I am sure you'll be successful, your creations are so somptuous.


  3. I have heard the name Artfire bantered about on Twitter and through various Etsy sellers. I had originally thought it was for handmade. Lo & behold, the president on Twitter messaged they also have vintage...and mentioned the kiosk as an incentive. It is a fabulous idea! I wish you great does look like a fun site!