Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yesterdays finds at the flea market were slim pickins...I only picked up a few items but did get a nice stash of beads from Mary "my" bead lady. I fell in love with some fire agate beads in the most unusual colors, I was not sure they were indeed fire agate but when Mary held them up to the light I could see the "fire" within. Lately I am loving long necklaces, I really have never liked anything heavy on my neck and since my neck surgery I can not tolerate anything touching my scar.

This piece that I made has a thinner copper chain so all the focus should be on the design of the necklace. I call this "Dusk"... The colors of this necklace remind me of Dusk, when the colors of the day blend to evening,Look to the sky you will know what I mean.

I used chunky baroque pearls for a touch of romance wrapped in copper wire and then attached them to a copper washer that I textured and oxidized. A chunky copper bead is sandwiched between some fabulous fire agate beads. I loved making this and it would be great as a short necklace as well. Tell me what you wear most often...what is your favorite piece of jewelry?


  1. Gorgeous! The stones are such a pretty color and I love the long style. Big fan of copper too! You asked about our favorite jewelry to wear and oddly enough, I don't wear much jewelry besides my wedding ring. I guess that's kinda odd for someone who makes jewelry to say.

  2. Very nice! Love the copper washer and those agate beads are unusual!!!

  3. Hi Judy
    oops...I think I deleted my comment. I second what Leslie says...I love copper too. I like the colors in your new necklace.
    Happy belated Anniversary! I hope you had fun with your son too. Maggiano's is GREAT!

  4. Great always! Funny thing...I don't wear jewelry! I have a pair of ear studs that my husband gave to me ages ago and my wedding band...that's it. I used to ear a watch but have given that up as well...who needs to be governed by time ;-)