Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wobbly & Dizzy

I am still laying low...thought I was starting to feel better but went backwards today. I think it is my new medication making me feel very wobbly and dizzy. Will need to call the endocrinologist tomorrow to see if this is normal being new on the thyroid replacement medication. I am finding it hard to do anything but lay on the couch. I keep thinking about getting into my studio to work but with no energy and a dizzy head that is too hard to do. So for now I will just keep to the couch with the purring and drooling cats, they are very happy and content with me where I am.


  1. Your place is on that couch right now! Better stay there or the kitties will be mad at you!

  2. Sending a tonne of positive energy your way. ((((((())))))) Don't push yourself!

  3. Oh I sure hope they can correct the meds. I am sure your system is still balancing itself and in the meantime...taking your balance! All good things in time.