Friday, August 21, 2009

What's Your Type?

I have an addiction to old typewriters! I just love the look of them and the varying fonts that they have. I have 3 of these old Coronas Circa 1913....I just can't help myself, I see them I buy them. I have friends picking me up typewriters and have recently told them to stop. I have a garage filled with them. Most of them are to be taken apart for jewelry but the good ones I keep....until I need it or the love affair has ended with it. Anyway...what's your type what do you covet? What do you just have to have??

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  1. Old typewriters have a special place in my heart - when I was a child, my mother worked for Underwood...
    As for what thing I have to have - the list is way too long for a comment. Just look at the stuff I pick up at the flea market!

  2. Hi Judy,

    Your blog design is beautiful.

    I also am an enthusiast of typewriters, 19th century ones.
    I have been collecting for 20 years and have built a wonderful collection of strange, beautiful and ingenious typewriters.

    It crossed my mind that you will, on occasion, come across typewriters that are too old or special for you to use for jewelry.
    When you do find these typewriters, would you consider offering them to me, as I am always buying for my collection and pay well for new additions. I will also buy typewriters that are already in the collection to trade with others.

    Please visit my website at

    You will like what you see.

    Thank you for hopefully keeping me in mind for these really early typewriters.

    Martin Howard