Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Comfort Food

Macaroni and cheese is considered by many to be a popular American food. There is some debate over the history of this cheesy dish. However, the overall consensus is that this delicious dish was first cooked up in the 19th century.

Mac and cheese became a true American staple in the 1930's when a now industry leader in boxed dinners (no introduction needed) introduced mac and cheese as a fast and easy to cook meal.

Here is some food for thought. It's common knowledge that homemade is better that boxed. The numbers show that mac and cheese is loved by all. So why don't you have the best of both worlds.

Step away from the quick and easy box and cook up a side dish that is loved by everyone. Here are several macaroni and cheese recipes to choose from. Enjoy!

As you know I am preparing for guests today and have started getting dinner ready for tonight. I have decided to make a nice southern meal, Barbecue (pulled pork), homemade macaroni and cheese, corn bread and since we are not care for okra I will make roasted asparagus.

I always make homemade macaroni and cheese and really do not follow a typical recipe. It's a little of this and that. I like to use sharp cheddar as the main cheese and add a few others, typically it is what I have on hand. Another tip...I like to warm the milk before I add it to the rue, it blends much easier.
...and by the way we will be eating around 7pm if you would like to stop by!


  1. I would so like to stop by! Dinner sounds marvelous and the best part...all home made!

  2. Mac and cheese is definitly on my list of comfort foods. Lol
    But I can't have it for awhile so I'm sad ='[
    Amy's has some of the best mac n cheese!!

  3. It's now past 9:30 in TN, so I think you are done with dinner. I would have loved it, but I'm somewhere over a thousand miles away! I don't care for okra either, but I love asparagus.