Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today's the day

Today is the day....I received a call from the horse haulers and they were to arrive at Johnny's around 6pm. I knew there was no way that I wanted to be there, it would be too emotional for me. I spent a lot of time with the horses that day and said my goodbyes, it was so hard knowing I would not see them again. Since our last attempt to get them in the barn went sour we left them in the pasture and let the handlers get them.

Around 10:30 pm the phone rang and it was Olivia, Johnny's neighbor called me to tell me there was someone in the pasture with the horses and there was a trailer in the yard. I told her I knew and it was ok. She let on that it was not a pretty site. Johnny always said that Olivia exaggerated too much but I knew she may be right, especially trying to get that little filly who had a mind of her own. I got very upset and sent Ed to the farm to see what was going on, and told him if it was bad I did not want to know a thing. I just could not handle anyone bad news.

Ed went to the farm and this is what he told me.
He said when he arrived one man was throwing up because the filly had kicked him in the gut. They had the mare in the stall and were trying to get the filly in too. They had managed to get two leads on her and she giving them a run for their money. Ed was relieved to see that they were very patient with her and were not being rough at all. They would get her to move forward a few inches at a time and then she would rare up and go back , they kept doing this for an hour hoping to tire her out. They finally decided that one guy would take the mare into the trailer and Ed would stay on the side of the ramp. Finally they managed to get her up the ramp and then she ran full throttle into the trailer. Now, the other guy was stuck in the trailer with the mare on one side of him and a wild filly and a wall on the other. Thankfully the trailer had a trap door above the mare leading into another stall so he was able to climb through. The two men collapsed after loading them. They said in the 15 years they have been hauling horses they had never seen a filly so tough. They had already loaded Salina and her foal Bucky with no problem at all, (I like to think that my good training helped Ed said the trailer was beautiful and the horses had lots of room. I was worried about the long trip in the heat but it too was air conditioned.
The horses were on their way to Ohio to Mr. Hunt's farm were he would now care for them.

Mr. Hunt still had plans to sell Lady Gelaine after this last foal was weaned, and he would let me know when that would be. He made it sound like I would be able to get her and bring her back to Tennessee. I had some hope. I called him a few times after the horses got to Ohio to see how they were and all was fine.
My life changed...for the last year I was at Johnny's several times a week and sometimes every day. After Johnny's death I was there twice a day and enjoyed every second of it. I felt so empty and missed them so much, this is when I started getting more involved with my jewelry to fill that space.

Travis and I continue to stay in touch, he designed my website Judith B. Designs for me. I spoke with Trav last week and told him I wanted to call Mr. Hunt to see how the horses were but did not want to hear any bad news ( I am such a coward!). Anyway, I called Mr. Hunt and we talked for a bit. Salina had her foal and she had a filly this time and was doing well. Artic Roll miscarried her foal at 4 months. Lady Gelaine was due any day with her second foal. He also told me he was not going to sell Lady he was going to keep her, my heart sank as I have been holding on to the hopes of getting her. He also told me he was done breeding and would just train the ones he kept.

I still hope one day to get a horse, I would love to learn how to ride. I have seen lots of advertised horse camps lately, Ed says I should go. I would be the old lady with all the 12 year old girls! But seriously, I just may!! I had the most amazing year with Johnny and his horses and add that wonderful experience to the journey in my life. Next month will be a year that Johnny is so hard to believe, I still miss him so much. I know there will be something around the next corner for me....I am still looking for the right yard to walk into.


  1. :(
    I know how you feel. The farm across the road from us is empty now. Both houses. They're either in nursing homes or passed on. I miss my friends. There is nothing in this world like country folks! So kind and giving. They are a dieing breed. I wake up every day and look out to the loneliness; hoping that the person who inherits the place keeps it in one piece and doesn't divide it into lots.

    Go to camp! :)

  2. I know exactly how you felt when you said you were a coward to know if anything bad was happening! I laughed when I read least I know I'm not the only one! When we left NC, I placed 2 of my show horses in special homes with the caveat that if it didn't work out, I would get a call with no questions asked. TO my absolute joy, I did get a call. Seemed the guy kept bucking her off (never happened to me once so he knew something I didn't!). I think back on how different life would have been without horses and I know not nearly as rewarding as having them in my life. You have the start so go with the dream...take a couple of riding lessons and see how it goes. Trust me...those 12 year olds will love your company!! You are so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be with such a good horse teacher.

  3. Everyone starts somewhere. You have already had a start most people never get. Take the next step, it will be easy once you take it.