Monday, May 11, 2009

Peppermint Fresh Milk Glass Necklace

his piece reminds me of those red and white peppermint candies that we all love so much,and besides the minty fresh taste they are pretty to look at too!

The focal piece in this necklace is a vintage milk glass brooch fashioned as a pendant. Wonderful faceted white glass beads,faceted red jade beads along with a composite mosaic bead all add to the color and design in this piece. Antique bronze metal bead caps are used to dress it up. Pieces of an antique watch fob chain and hand forged brass hooks finish out this vintage inspired necklace. Measures: 17". You can check this out on Etsy.


  1. Certainly looks like a 50's piece. I ought to know, since I enjoyed the 50's. Very beautiful piece. Very original way to show case beautiful vintage pieces.