Monday, May 4, 2009

A win for Johnny

Watching the Derby the other day and seeing "Mine That Bird" come from the back to win was amazing, but when the story unfolded about the trainer all I could think about was my friend Johnny. He too would have hitched his old horse trailer up and drove his own horse to the Derby....He too use to ride bareback in the rodeo....their were too many similarity's and it was kind of weird for me. I like to think it was his win too.

It has felt good to tell this story of mine and to share my new found love of horses. There is more to tell so I will continue.


  1. The derby was incredible! That horse flew out of no where! I loved the jockey too. Whooping and hollering after his win. They're usually so reserved, but not him.

  2. I look forward to the continuing story. Johnny gave you a lasting gift. Once horses grab your heart, they don't let go.