Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To Match or Not....

ust a little survey...When purchasing jewelry do you like buying matching sets? You know earrings and a necklace or a bracelet and matching necklace that sort of thing. I have been wondering what people prefer. I am not a "matchy match" person so I rarely make earrings or a bracelet that matches a necklace, however; with that said I did make myself a necklace with matching earrings to wear to my nieces wedding.
Let me know what your preference is, I would love to hear from you.


  1. I decidedly go against matching, but that is partly a reaction against my mother who insists that everything come in matched sets. I love my mom but how many of us want to dress like our mothers? haha!

  2. Your set is beautiful! Funny thing and a surprise to me...when I did my always and evers, I went back and read other people who had been tagged. Almost everyone reported that they would not wear matching jewelry! I don't know if it is an age thing or not. I know that when I do have a "set" of vintage jewelry, rarely do they sell as a set....always separately to different people. For me personally, I don't wear much jewelry but if I did, probably would not match them.

  3. I don't wear sets, but I do color co-ordinate my jewelry that I wear.
    If I have a set in my shop, I make two listings and add the link to the other piece in the listing.
    Pretty jewelry! :)

  4. Sometimes I like to match and sometimes I don't.
    I think it depends on the jewelry itself.