Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Goodbye my friend...

My heart is broken with the loss of Johnny. I know it was a greater power that put me by his fence that sunny day in May. A greater power that knew Johnny needed someone to help him and sometimes idolize him and that I needed to be that person. I learned so much from him, he would chuckle at my "horse" innocents. I cataloged everything he taught me and thankfully, as I would need that information in the following months.

Johnny was a veteran and wanted to be buried in Nashville at the vets cemetery. I knew this because we had this conversation only a month earlier when Mr. Hunt came to visit. It was eerie to see the reality of that conversation.

His son Travis did all the arrangements as Johnny would have liked, very simple. Johnny would have been pleased. After the funeral we all went over to Johnny's house. I took the pony out and his friend Julie said to let him go that he would not run off. He was happy grazing in the yard. Out of no where he just started running all around and making so much noise, I think he realized there were three lovely mares watching him. Anyway, all his running prompted the mares and their foals to start running. Two of the mares were in the 10 acre pasture and they started running the perimeter of the pasture like they were in a race, the foals stuck like glue and did the same. The sound of their hooves and their tails held so high, It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen or heard. They ran forever and all I could think of was Johnny, he was putting on a race for us. We could hardly catch the pony as we all were in amazement and then laughing so hard. Finally we got him and tied him up to where we were all sitting.

Julie took care of the horses for a few days and then was heading back home. Travis lived about a half hour away and would come up to feed. I lived closer and never minded feeding so Travis and I made a schedule for feedings. A few weeks later I took on all the horse care as it was easier and I needed to be there.

It was hard going up to the farm and never seeing Johnny come out of the house, his truck always in the same spot and knowing he was not coming home this time.

Travis was not interested in the horses like Johnny and I knew he would not be keeping them. I had hoped so bad that an arrangement could be made but it really was just wishful thinking. Right now most of the horses would stay at the farm and Travis would pay me to take care of them.


  1. I'm hooked...I can't wait to find out what happens with the horses. I can't believe how brave you were to take on the care of the mares, stallions and foals..you are one fortunate lady! I think Johnny and you were put together via divine intervention.

  2. You got to learn the old fashioned way, by doing it. A big responsibility, but so fortunate you were there.

  3. Big (((((HUGS))))))))))) to you.