Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Knock knock...who's there?

Tomorrow they'll be knocking on my door....well not really but company is arriving tomorrow.

Our son Nick is graduating from High School on Friday evening so my in-laws are flying in from Connecticut as well as my sister in-law. I am busy getting the house cleaned and everything in order (I absolutely hate being unorganized!!) It is just not having company but a week from tomorrow we will leave Tennessee for Connecticut and Massachusetts for 2 weeks. There is always lots to prepare for before leaving on any trip, unfortunately I am not the spontaneous type on taking off.
My niece is getting married on May 23rd so that is the reason for the trip. We have decided to drive back to New England so that I can do some antiquing and bring back a good load of treasures for my antique booths.

We gave Nick the opportunity to fly back to Connecticut with his grandparents so he would not have to drive with us and he jumped on that idea. This will also give him some extra time with his cousin. Going back "Home" for any type of visit is always hectic, it is no vacation that is for sure!


  1. How exciting, all of it. Enjoy your company and your trip. Relax, all will be good!

  2. I know I stress....it will be fine and nice to have them here to help us celebrate.

  3. You'll have a great time...how exciting to have the big graduation day finally here! Enjoy the trip...relax...and most of all...just sit back and enjoy!