Sunday, May 3, 2009

Littlest Filly

Lady Gelaine had her foal, it was a pretty little filly. She was just darling! Since the weather was nice and warm she was moved to the paddock with her Mom after a day or so. I never really got the chance to bond with her as I did with the other foals. She stuck to her Mom like glue and I could hardly get close enough to touch her. Everyone else was doing well and growing like crazy!

Lady Gelaine made her trip up to Lexington on her foal heat. The trouble with Lady was the last time she got pregnant it was with twins and one had to be pinched off. Thankfully she had a successful pregnancy. Time would tell if the same thing would happen again.

Sure enough Johnny had to take Lady to the vet she was pregnant with twins. He only trusted a particular vet with this procedure. Now we had to hope one of the fetus's would survive.

Johnny had purchased two new Thoroughbreds. They were in Louisiana with his friend Julie who was training them. He was feeling a little better and really was itching to get to Louisiana to see them. Now that the foals were all delivered and the horses had been bread back he felt he could make the trip.
I was on my way home from the antique shop and stopped by Johnny's to see the horses. He came running outside in his stocking feet to see me, saying he had tried to call me to ask me to feed while he went to Louisiana. He knew once he got on the transplant list he would not be able to go anywhere and thought this was a good time to go. It was so nice to see him so excited. We walked back to the house where he started packing his truck. I laughed when I saw all the boots he was taking (and we think us girls are bad with shoes...) He said "That's the trouble with being a cowboy, you have a lot of boots". He was leaving right away and driving straight through, about 11 or so hours. I had his cell number If I need to call him. He would be back in 4 days.

On the last day of Johnny's trip I came over to feed and Johnny's truck was in the drive. I had already filled the buckets in case and would know if he fed then they would be empty, they were still full. I proceeded to feed and do the water. Johnny came out when I finished. He seemed fine ( I later would learn he was not).
We started talking, he sat on the truck gate and we talked until it was dark, it must of have been hours. He told me all about his trip and how happy he was with the horses. He had plans after he got his heart to spend the winters in Louisiana. It really felt like it was going to happen.

I was planning on going back home to Connecticut and Massachusetts for a week. I told Johnny he better stay out of the hospital and behave while I was gone and please call Ed if he needed help with anything.

...will continue tomorrow


  1. I am so glad that you took pictures of your adventure with Johnnie and these new foals! I can't wait for the next installment!!

  2. When I started to blog I knew I needed to write my "story". In fact my first post referred to my cowboy friend.

  3. I agree, it's wonderful to have the photos.