Friday, May 8, 2009

Lady Gelaine

We were still uncertain if Lady Gelaine was in foal and the vet was expected to come out to do an ultrasound. I was praying she was not in foal because Mr. Hunt had mentioned selling her and he knew I was interested. If she was not in foal I had hopes she could stay at the farm once her little filly was weaned. I had paraded the stud pony around her and she did not show any signs of interest, in my heart I felt she maintained the pregnancy after having one twin pinched off.

Travis was sure to let me know when the vet was coming he knew of my vested interest. I was also interested in seeing the procedure, as a nurse I had seen plenty of pregnancy ultra sounds but never one on a horse. Lady was good and cooperative, but I did not like the "twitch" (not sure if that's what it is called) but twisting her lip to keep her in place looked so painful. I prayed not to see an embryo my heart was racing but I knew when I saw it, she was in foal. I was glad for Johnny his hard work was successful, but sad for me. Tears filled my eyes, I just could not help it.

I had a nice routine with the horses but I knew taking care of them was not permanent , I hated to think about that.

Travis was planning on moving into Johnny's house, since this is where he grew up I was so pleased with his decision. He started on some renovations and kept busy keeping up the property.


  1. It's a beautiful thing, but sad all at the same time having her in foal. Yes, it is called a twitch...imagine someone twisting that on your sensitive nose/lips. I don't care for them...never had to use one...but know that it can be useful doing certain procedures. Can't wait for the next...aren't you tired of hearing me say that? Have a Happy Mother's Day!!

  2. Actually, it's not pain that controls the horse when it's twitched. It is endorphins. The horse actually becomes slightly tranquilized. This doesn't work with all horses, but most it does.

    I won't ask any questions because I know there is more to come. But I sure want to!

  3. That is what I was told about the twitch, but being the first time I saw something like that It was startling.