Thursday, April 9, 2009

Antique Button Pendant Necklace

Yesterday I shared with you my mother of pearl buttons and today I will share with you a necklace I made from a different type of button. I purchased two of these buttons at the antique shop were I sell my antiques and work. I got these from a dealer friend and knew they would make something special. I do not make a lot with black so this piece gave me the chance to use some old chunky faceted black jet beads. I could not decide whether to make this a short or long necklace, so I left it as is at 30 1/2" long and will let the buyer decide (I know I just could not commit). I think the chain works well with the brass on the button frame and the hand forged hook and eye helps give it a modern look.


  1. Great necklace! I love the way you used the filigree at the top of the dangle bead. The brilliants on the button really are very cool!

  2. That's a gorgeous necklace!! I love how it looks like an heirloom necklace. :)