Thursday, April 16, 2009


I hope you have read the post below first as this is a continuation of that story. You need to know that I am very friendly outgoing person but surely not the type to just go into a strangers yard as I did with Johnny, and did this sometimes twice a day. I would not realize why I felt drawn to this place until almost a year later.

he colt that brought me to Johnny's fence was born on the day of the Kentucky Derby so I started calling him "Derby". On the day I met Johnny I learned that he raised Thoroughbreds and was a trainer and that the colt's mother's name was Artic Roll. Derby would later be named "Set to Roll".

I was so enamored with this little colt and visited him daily, my husband Ed would often come with me. About a week later I went up to Johnny's door( here we go being bold again)... to ask if it was alright if I gave Artic some carrots. All I knew is that horses liked carrots and I wanted her to like me too. Johnny said sure and reached into his pocket and pulled out a red and white peppermint candy and told me to give her that. Artic and her colt were in the barn and Johnny said go on in and told me I could go into the stall. Sure I wanted to be next to that little colt but I didn't even know how to open the stall door forget standing next to his big Momma. Maybe another time. The peppermint was a hit needless to say, I had a new friend in Artic. I of course purchased these by the pound and would always have some in my pockets when I stopped to visit

I could not believe how quickly the colt was growing, running along side his mother with his wobbly legs. He was finally warming up to me and I could reach in through the fence to touch his velvety fur. I know this will sound stupid, but I also learned (oh, please do not laugh hysterically) that horses are not like cows and only have two nipples. I thought this was a funny sight.

Sometimes Johnny would come out to see me when I was at the fence, he told me to park in his driveway so my car would not be on the road. Johnny loved to talk...oh boy did he ever! He was 62 years old and had some serious health issues that prohibited him from riding anymore. I started learning about horse racing, or tried to anyway. His passion was so great he loved to share his stories. One evening he invited Ed and I in to see his photo albums of his racing wins. We also learned he had a partner, "Mr Hunt". A much older gentlemen that lived in Ohio. He sounded important. This was a whole new world for us and I found every word so interesting.

I also learned all the other horses names. He had two brood mares that where in foal, Salinas Star and Lady Gelaine. Artic Roll was going to Lexington to be breed on the foal "heat"(poor thing, no rest for this mother) He had another yearling that was called "Anymore" he was going to start training shortly. Anymore had a "friend" that was visiting to keep her company and it was so much fun watching those two in the pasture. So at this time there were 5 horses and the colt. be contined.