Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"We've got a foal!"

I pretty much doted on Salina everyday, I was so excited and nervous about her having her foal. Her belly was so huge and I started to learn about the tell tale signs of delivery. I brushed her everyday and she was ready as far as I was concerned. One day I was in the stall with her and Johnny came in, we talked for a while and I remember telling him how I loved the smell of the horses ( some people would cringe but I know others would surely agree with me), He said to me "oh boy, you're hooked now". Yeah, I was.
Since she was in the stall more I started to help muck her stall and clean up the barn. With Anymore and Salina going in and out there was always something being tracked in. The barn was nothing fancy by any means and could of used some major repairs. I just felt Johnny needed some help and I was more than willing to do whatever I could.

On the morning of March 9th, 2008 my phone rang at 9:30 am and all I heard was "We got a foal" and I replied "Be right there". Ed and I dashed down to the farm so excited. We got there and Johnny was standing outside the stall. He held the door to the stall for me and I peered in so cautiously. The foal was still wet and lying down. Salina looked no worse for the wear and was munching on feed. The huge placenta was lying in the corner. Johnny did not want me to touch the foal yet until Salina bonded with it. He thought it was a filly. I had my camera and took this little video. I love hearing Johnny's voice in it. I remember thinking at the time I was making the video, I wish he would stop talking so much, but now I am so glad to have it. Ed and I stayed there for several hours and then went home. I returned a few hours later to find out that the foal was a colt.I helped Johnny with the placenta as it was too hard for him to pick it up himself. Johnny let me in the stall to pet the new baby and I was instantly in love. His little mane was so soft and looked just like a little afro. Salina had done so well.


  1. That is a fabulous video and what foresight to have brought the camera. I can just hear the excitement in your voice! Johnny definitely has that twang I'm used to from NC!

  2. It was such a special day for me!

  3. I have tears in my eyes. I never get over the feeling of awe that I had from the first birth I attended. It carried on to the last and there were many in between. I so glad for you that you got to see this and that you got video.