Saturday, April 25, 2009

Collections...we all seem to have something we covet. Figurines, baskets , dolls from our childhood or hand painted plates... Whatever it is, if you have a few of the same then you are a collector. Me, I collect several different things, but I am at the point where I have enough and if I add to the collection I will now trade out something that's not so great as not to be over run with one thing . I am a "neat" collector and everything has it's place. I love antique and vintage handpainted tole trays, I have these hanging in my keeping room off the kitchen. I love antique door knobs, the mercury glass ones are my favorite and hard to find, I display the knobs in a glass bowl in my dinning room. Early American pattern glass cake stands are also a favorite, these are stacked from largest to smallest on the buffet in the dinning room, and these I use whenever I can. I adore English transferware and right now I collect brown and white.
Antique wicker demi johns are another favorite of mine, these are very old bottles that have wicker woven around them, most of my bottles date to the late 1800's. I suppose I do collect lots of items just not in huge quantities, I like my collections to make a statement.

Are you a collector? You know you are....
What do you collect and why?
What was the first collection you started?


  1. I collect jewelry.
    Any and all kinds that catch my fancy.
    Especially very unique looking ones.
    Also, I love collecting owl misc.
    The owl is my spiritual animal, so I feel protected around my owls :D

  2. Kayla, I hope you are feeling better and those owls are protecting you!

  3. Horses, I guess I collect horses. That's what breeders like me are called, collectors!

    I used to collect fine English bone china tea cups, but I stopped doing that a long time ago. I have the cups still, but I don't add to it. I have a very small group of glass paper weights. The first and only real collection I have had is the tea cups. I don't have the collector mentality. Except for horses. I guess saddles too, cause I own a lot of them.