Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beach Music

hrysoprase beads are wire wrapped with copper and linked to hammered bronze circles. I hand forged and wire wrapped a copper clasp. A little copper disk was hand stamped with "Peace" and a wire wrapped glass bead added for a dangle. I love the color of the Chrysoprase it reminds me of the deep Caribbean water and the sounds of the sea.


  1. Judy, I like you bracelet, the copper and greens always look so good together. The copper clasp you wire wrapped looks great.

  2. Oh Fibro. I'm sorry thats definitly not good.
    I was diagnosed with that a few times before now so I know how you feel.
    Plus the insomnia doesn't help any.
    I didn't realize I hadn't followed your blog! I'm following now :D

    Love and Energies.