Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mr. Stubborn

There were now two foals and another due in two weeks. Johnny was back in the hospital with breathing problems and chest pains. These hospital visits were starting to get routine. He would go in and be given large does of Lasix (diuretics) to relieve the fluid from his lungs and usually come home in a few days. I kept an eye on the horses and did the feedings.

Artic was still in the barn with her foal, who I called "Go Johnny Roll" (Johnny nickered at that name, but I think he liked it.)
I had never handled the horses other than brushing so I was leery of putting her outside on my own, I was fearful of a runaway foal.

The stud pony was still in residence and I was starting to feel sorry for him all alone in the stall. Even though I was not fond of him I began going into the stall to try to get a lead on him so I could take him outside. It took may attempts and some alfalfa to get close to me. Finally with some patience and a few days later I could walk into the stall and clip a lead on him. I walked him to the grass where he proceeded to mow it instantly. I never saw an animal eat so fast in my life! I put him in the round pen while I fed and then got him back to his stall as easily as I got him out. We now had an understanding the little stud and I and I started to like him.

About 4-5 days later Johnny came home. I was in the barn when he got home and he was not looking or feeling good. I was mucking Artic's stall when Johnny came in and he started to go empty the wheelbarrow I was using, all the while vomiting. Johnny is not a man you tell what to do, but I had to say something. He did not like to see me doing all the work he should be able to do and I knew this was an issue with him. I put my foot down and told him to get in the house and lay down. I went in with him to convince him to eat some crackers. He told me of his plans to go to Lexington the next day so he could have Artic bread back on her foal heat, there was no talking him out of it. Like I said he is stubborn! I tried to convince him to call his son or a friend to go with him, he promised he would. If I could have driven his truck with the trailer I would have went, but that to me was like driving a semi.

I was at the barn the next day when he himself! Mr. Stubborn did not ask anyone for help and went alone. He was no friend to himself, he was doing things he should not have been doing. His health was deterioating and he still had not gotten on the "List" at Vanderbilt for his new heart. I continued to do what I could for Johnny, I tried to get things done before he attempted to do them.

Lady Gelaine was moved up to the front paddock as she was approcaching her due date, this would be her first foal, another baby yeah!


  1. You are a great friend and neighbor. I wish you were my neighbor.

  2. You were such a great neighbor but what a fun learning experience for you. When it comes to studs...where there's a will, there's a way!

  3. Sandra, I wish I was your neighbor too!! The things I could learn!! I called Johnny my "horse school".