Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lady G

Some things take so long but are worth it in the end. While doing it you always learn something , so its a lesson learned.

This is one of those things....Wire wrapped in brass are Tiger Eye, African Opal and faceted glass beads. Hand wrought brass clasp and pendant dangle. Vintage brass medallion was used as the focal pendant. I am calling this piece "Lady Gelaine".


  1. Beautiful...I really like the colors of the faceted glass beads.

  2. I think your jewelry is beautiful. I actually love jewelry, but I do not have occasion to wear it, so what I own sits unused. I do wear pierced earrings though, but they can't dangle because of my handling of horses. I know several people who have had their ears ripped, so I won't go there. Studs or small hoops. You come up with something like that and I will be interested.