Monday, June 15, 2009

How does your garden grow?

Well, it is coming along nicely...the garden that is.
Just a little update on my square foot gardens..some before and now pictures.

Don't you just love the hydrangeas? It's funny when first planted they were all blue and then we moved one and it turned pink. I love it!
The bugs are starting to be pesty. Last year the bugs ate all my squash plants and I am not going to let them have them this year. Any suggestions on bug killers to use? Needs to be environmentally safe ,my kitties are always around the garden (Jack likes the gardens too much....thinks they are big litter boxes) anyway I sure could use your ideas.


  1. I've yet to find something to battle the squash bugs with that actually works or that I'm willing to fool with. I just plant early, harvest and eat as much squash as we possibly can and then pull the plants and throw them away.

    Nice pics! I think if you feed that Hydrangea with an acid loving plant food, it will turn blue again. But since you like the pink.....DON'T do it. :)

  2. I had some plant soap that did help some and safe for vegetables....guess I may have to stick with that. I am afraid the bugs will eat my plants before they have veggies.

  3. First off..I LOVE your new picture! So beautiful, vibrant and full of life. Now I can't get a hydrangea to grow to save my life. We nursed one for two years and ended up with a single flower. In NC, they were prolific so it must be the climate...lucky you!