Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Premio Meme Award

Julie of Gypsy Moon Designs has awarded me the Premio Meme Award. I am blushing with this honor! Thanks so much!

The rules of this award is that I am to give 7 facts about myself and pass it to 7 people. Here we go!

1) I have been married for almost 28 years!! Wow!

2) I love playing Poker, especially Texas-holdem

3) I raised two baby squirrels that our cat brought home one spring

4) I sleep with four down pillows.

5) I am a (former) nurse and use to work in the newborn nursery...where at times I took care of 25 babies at a time.

6) I love pajamas!

7) I had Lyme Meningitis 4 years ago, from a tick bite.

Now to pass this award along to 7 deserving blog owners :


Julie Haymaker Thompson


Particularly Pretty



Worlds End Farm This and That


  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me!

  2. Well, I certainly found out quite a bit about you that I didn't know before! Lyme meningitis...wow. Do you have any residual problems?
    I would love to snuggle up with down pillows...sounds soo decadent!
    Thanks so much for the meme...I just may be posting the answers today!!

  3. Thanks, Judy. Seven things will be hard, I'm not that interesting.
    1. I taught myself to read and write braille when I was a teenager so no one could read my diary. Now, not even I can!
    2. I lived in France and started school there when I was very young, all the french I learned is stored somewhere in my brain.
    3. I had a black and white Tuxedo rescue cat named Stella who passed away in 2005 and I miss her.
    4. For years I was a production weaver making garments and wearables and the sight of a woven rug can still stop me in my tracks.
    5. I try to read at least one book a week but I only choose easy ones in the summer.
    6. I like driving a vehicle that lets me sit up high so I can see over the other cars, probably because I'm very short in stature myself.
    7. I really need at least eight hours of sleep at night but I rarely get it, and I'm an early bird waking up at daybreak every day whether I need to or not.

  4. Thankfully I have no residual effects from the Meningitis...it was a horrible ordeal.