Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Lovermont!

The state of Vermont is one of my favorite places to be, It is called the Green Mountain State....I went to Nursing school in Vermont and that started my long time love affair with this beautiful state and being that it was close to Massachusetts we would go often. Since moving to Tennessee 3 years ago we have not been back. On our recent journey to New England we saved a night to stay at our most favorite Inn in Grafton Vt. There is just something about this Inn The Old Tavern that just takes all your stresses and worries away, its like a nice calgon bath. We have been going to The Old Tavern for 25 years A pristine Inn that is the focal point in this small town of 600 people.The Windham Foundation helps keep this little village maintained and is as pristine as it was 25 years ago when we first visited.The mission of the Windham Foundation of Grafton, Vermont is to promote the vitality of Grafton and Vermont’s rural communities through its philanthropic and educational programs.
Strolling the streets of Grafton, you pass by the village store, the library and town park where baseball is played in the warm months and a place where you can sled in the winter. The town has two churches, one winter and one summer, the windows are flung wide on hot summer days. A swimming pond is for cooling off in the summer and also where the shuffle board court can be found. A sheep barn houses the sheep and one year I was lucky enough to see two sets of twins born one Saturday morning in May. My son always enjoyed fishing in the pond and riding his bike around the village. It has been our perfect little village for 25 years and I hope you will enjoy learning about this wonderful place.


  1. Oh those pictures are gorgeous! How is Vermont in the fall?! My mum would kill to go when the trees change-She has always wanted to.
    Lovely post. Thanks for sharing :D

  2. I am really enjoying your posts! My great uncle Mat was the first president of the Windam Foundation! Grafton is indeed a special place.