Friday, June 19, 2009

More pearls...

I have been playing with pearls these last few days...after all it is June's birthstone. I am a ruby girl myself (July's birthstone) but I do love pearls in all it's variety's. I wanted to share with you one of my favorites. I purchased this watch fob in Massachusetts last year and have been hanging on to it for something lovely one day and here it is. A variety of antique watch fob chains have been used, as well as coin pearls, ivory freshwater pearls, shell nugget and some iridescent czech glass beads. I also hand forged the brass hook. Measures: 16" with an additional 1 1/2" for the fob drop. You can find this at

Tell me what you think and would you wear this?


  1. Very lovely Judy! I am a July baby too, the 15th! I love having my bday smack in the middle of summer!

  2. Man HOW.DO.YOU.DO.THAT?!?!? Lol
    You make something so beautiful and elegant and incredibly unique!
    What's your secret? :D