Friday, June 26, 2009

My summer winter has began....

I hate to complain, and I do not do it often but it is damn HOT, 99 degrees ! My summer winter has officially begun! I am treating summer like winter, I can not tolerate this heat and humidity it wilts me and makes me cranky....... I am staying inside where the air conditioner can keep my house a comfy 74 degrees. I have lots to do while I am in my cool shelter...make jewelry, clean, paint...and many other projects I have been putting off. I will only venture out for necessity's like food,playing poker and to check my garden...oh and if my neighbor asks me to swim in her new in- ground pool but that is it!
Well you will know where to find me, I will be the cool calm and collective girl in her clean organized house wearing her bathing suit (just in case).


  1. LOL! It's hot here, isn't it?! I've been getting out very early to garden and spend the afternoons indoors, working. No neighbor with pool, but I do have a blow up pool that I may need to fill up!

  2. Hmmm,I saw your post and thought..."she must live near me". Then I read that you live in Tennessee. I'm in California. It's 97 here today. Tomorrow it's gonna' be 104. YUCK! YUCK! and YUCK! Maybe I'll put my bathing suit on too! Don't want to scare the neighbors, though.

  3. I do not blame you one bit for not wanting to go out in that kind of weather!!
    I love the way you put it-your summer winter :D
    That's a perfect explanation of how I feel about it.
    And if you go swimming, take me with you! Lol

  4. I envy and applaud you! I have to go out and work in it, but I will be thinking of you boycotting the whole experience. : )