Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Resting from Vacation

We are back from our trip back to New England and now I need a vacation from my vacation, I am pooped!! It was a wonderful trip in every to visit with family at my niece's wedding and see lots of friends. It was about 18 hours each way, but a nice drive along the Blue Ridge mountains. I got to shop for antiques and brought home lots of wonderful treasures to sell in my antique booths. We were like gypsy's, staying for a few days here and is the only way to see everyone. I am however very glad to be home to sleep in my own bed.

I will share with you a few pictures of my beautiful niece the glowing bride (wearing Judith B. Designs jewelry...just a little plug)


  1. Sounds awesome Judy...I would looove to do that.....especially the antiques part!

  2. Your niece is gorgeous and the jewelry only adds to her splendor! I am envious of the trip, I am too tied to home to be able to do that. It sounds wonderful. I'm glad to have you back, btw.

  3. Your niece is really the stunning bride...maybe the jewelry had something to do with that? Glad you had a good time!!