Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am blushing with pride...

My friend Sandra over at Worlds End Farm This and That has graced me with the Uber Amazing Blog Award. This award was started by Mommawannabe to honor bloggers who stand out and are simply amazing! Wow...isn't that a great honor!

I certainly appreciate this award from Sandra who is a horse breeder and tells life like it is. I enjoy reading her blog and I think you should check it out as well.

Well off to award 7 fellow's to you...

Livewire Jewelry

A Robin's Nest

Emmas gems vintage

Backyard Beads

Moody and Sanquine

unDeniably Domestic

Lily Shays Style


  1. Well deserved!! Amazingly, I read this on your twitter. Ah yes, I'm beginning to catch on ;)!

  2. Oh, we are so honoured! And you definitely deserve the award yourself. Off to check on your other recipients!

    ~ Denise

  3. You have a lovely blog Judy and your award is well deserved! Thanks for passing this award on to my blog.

    Take Care - Robin

  4. To one horse lover from another! It is apparent to me you are the genuine deal.