Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birdless house...

Isn't this bird house just wonderful? We were visiting friends and this is in her yard. Check out the stone cute! However my friend Kay says birds have never lived in this house. Maybe it is too fancy for them?

We have great plans for the excited! To celebrate my DH five O birthday we are heading out early Friday am to Tunica Mississippi , a mini LasVegas in the south. Gold Strike casino and hotel here we come, the name alone just sounds lucky! The World Series of Poker ciruit is going on so we will try our hand in some Texas Holdem tournaments. Fun, Fun, Fun! We will be joining lots of our friends. I gotta go roll up my pennies and check the chair cushions for available change...


  1. I'd live in that house in a minute if I could fit!

    Enjoy the weekend and Happy Birthday to DH.

  2. Happy birthday to your hubs. Have a wonderful celebration ... let's see now, is this where you start to count backwards? TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Happy Birthday to the DH! 50 is only a drop in the bucket..and don't drop too many in the bucket where you're going. Total to play the game!

  4. You are going to have so much fun this weekend. Wow, you two have birthdays very close together...lots of celebrating in your house! And btw, your husband doesn't look like he could be anywhere near 50! :-)