Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's All Growing....

Wow, I am so pleased with my little gardens. I have never grown cantaloupe before and they are so pretty...just like in the grocery store! My little watermelons are coming along nicely as well. I have some silver queen corn growing although not as much as I would like. The square foot gardens ( 4 X 4 raised beds) are so easy to maintain with no weeding. Next year I hope to have a much bigger one for corn and a few more, and fence in the area as the deer have been visiting. I do not mind sharing but they pick tomatoes and leave them there and they are starting to nibble on my green bean foliage.
As always I have a helper when I am checking out the gardens. Sam just loves to get into everything. Oh, if you are wondering why the bricks around the corn, it is to hold them up, we get a lot of strong winds and it knocks them right over.


  1. Looks great! And I love your assistant.
    The wind knocked ours down last Sunday, but they're all standing tall once again. At least until the next storm.

  2. that is some garden and a really great helper. i love the last photo.

  3. I agree it is wonderful to have your own garden....yours looks great, and the helper too!!