Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some Days...

Some days I do not know what I will make or in which direction my hands will take me. For the last 3-4 days I have been in a "vintage/antique" mood. I love collecting old pieces of jewelry, antique sash buckles, watch fob chains, get the idea. Anyway, they have made their way out of their hiding spots on to my work table. This is one of the pieces I made today and I must say I am in love with it...I know it's fancy, but how great would it look with a crisp button down white shirt and pair of blue jeans! The pendant is an old rhinestone button with a vintage piece dangling from it. The rhinestones and beads just sparkle unbelievably!

I would love to know what you think of this piece...Treasured Pieces

Would you wear it?
Is it worthy of the million hours I put into it?
Is it your grandmothers necklace?


  1. I would for sure wear that necklace!
    It's very worth the amount of time you put into it.
    And what was the other question geared towards? Like it looks vintage? Cause it does :D
    It's so beautiful!!

  2. OMG...I LOVE it! I love the pearls, the little bit of bling and the glass...all perfect. Of course, I love the vintage pieces that you used. Really a good job!!

  3. A beautiful combination and it looks exquisite. Of course it looks vintage, but isn't that the point??

  4. Very vintage, romantic! I would wear it, it's beautiful!

  5. It's really pretty and I think worth your time spent.

  6. I would totally wear it. In fact, I am in love with it.